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Learn about Kelley, how she creates unique jewelry pieces for you, and the materials that she uses.


About Kelley

Kelley’s gift for making jewelry has evolved from her artistic background and her love of crystals. She grew into her artistic gifts during high school, where she focused on fine art, especially watercolors. She has a B.A. in graphic design with a minor in advertising.

In more recent years she began to explore the world of energy healing through Reiki, which taught her how to recognize and move energy. Later ThetaHealing® opened her to how quickly change can happen. "It also taught me how to talk to the rocks on their level and allowed me to be OK with knowing that I could hear them. I also learned that each of us has our own gift, and mine is to communicate with the stones.

"All of the classes and groups that I’ve been a part of have taught me the value of creating a sacred space in which to explore and grow in our confidence. Being in a group allows you to be truly who you are. When the doubt goes away, we are all magicians."

Energy healing inevitably led Kelley to explore crystals: “I laughingly would say, ‘I have rocks in my pockets,’ because I always felt like there would be so many crystals that I had to have on me that day that my pockets would be bulging. I knew there had to be another way - that was what led me to making jewelry."

Kelley works a lot with the Ascended Masters and Archangels, especially Kwan Yin, Sandalphon, Metatron, and Raphael. They come through very clearly when there is a message for her to pass on.

When Kelley isn't in her design studio she recharges her energy by tending to Mother Earth through gardening. She lovingly returns broken beads to the earth by planting them in her garden or leaving them as gifts for the fairies.

Kelley takes great joy in sharing lives with her loving husband Dave, their beautiful sons Jared and Matthew, and their lively dog Jack.

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About the designs

Kelley’s process for creating jewelry pieces is a blend of artistry, intellect, and intuition:

“When creating a custom piece I use several techniques to select the best gemstones for you:

  • Numerology with your birth name and date, so that it serves your soul’s purpose. Diana Cooper’s book Discover Atlantis: A Guide to Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Ancients tells me which stone resonates with your life path.
  • Numerology with your current name as well, because your energy shifts as you start to use your new name.
  • Resources such as The Crystal Bible and The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach that show me which crystals resonate with your stated intention(s).
  • Intuitive guidance from my inventory of stones and their guides. Sometimes I go straight to the boxes of beads and say, “I’m asking on behalf of [intended owner's name], who wants to come play?” I look for the boxes that stand out and the beads inside which seem to sparkle more.
  • Artistic sense of color, balance, and weight. Sometimes I’m surprised by the combinations of stones that want to be together, but in the end they’re exactly right.

"I’m amazed by what unfolds without my conscious intention. A lot of numerology and sacred geometry evolves within the pieces. I also find that when someone has multiple intentions for her piece, they usually lead back to the same theme, such as clarity.

"For each custom piece I channel two written messages for the intended owner—one from the angels, and one from the piece itself.

"When I’m done I clear the piece, fill it with unconditional love, and set its energy to attune to its intended owner. Every few weeks I send a big love bubble out to all the pieces I’ve created, telling them to be nice and shiny and to stand out if the owner needs to wear them.”

"For ready-to-wear pieces my process is still very intuitive. I believe that every piece I make has an intended owner, even if it’s someone I haven’t heard from yet. For these pieces I start with the stones I bought at the last gem show. My buying process is very intuitive: I let myself be guided to the right vendors and the right strands at the show, and when I get home I let the gemstones and their guides tell me how they are meant to come together and what intentions those pieces will serve.”

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About the materials

“Gem shows are the ‘funnest’ place I can go play. The intention that I go in with now is ‘What stone am I supposed to come home with?’ What I come home with is not exactly what was on my shopping list. I may even buy something I don’t recognize, but when I come home and look it up, it’s always the perfect thing for me to buy.”

Most of the beads that Kelley uses are natural gemstone and Swarovski crystal. Occasionally she is guided to something that is heat-treated. Always her intention is to provide the highest quality, highest vibration, most beautiful creation for your best and highest good.

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