Protection Bracelet - Intention Collection

Protection Bracelet - Intention Collection
  • $30.00

Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming, or stimulating as appropriate.  It balances out highs and lows, promoting emotional centering.  It dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.  It supports coming to term with loss. A very powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.  It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love.  Used at a higher level, it opens to another reality.   It is very good at clearing your aura and transmutes negative energy, and stimulates the throat and crown chakras.  

Fluorite is a highly protective stone, especially on a physic level.  The stone cleanses and stabilizes the aura.  Used in healing it draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds, it cleanses, purifies, dispels, and reorganizes anything within the body that is not in perfect order. It helps dissolves fixed ideas, it helps to move beyond narrow-mindedness to the bigger picture.  Most importantly fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies.  Also heightens intuitive powers; makes you more aware of higher spiritual realities and can quicken spiritual awakening. 

Round amethyst beads and round fluorite beads with silver accents on an adjustable toggle 



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