• Moonlight to recharge your pieces

    I love this time of the month to recharge my crystals by using the moonlight.  You can recharge your jewelry pieces this way too.  For me I will put my pieces of jewelry on a plate then set it outside on a small table and leave it there all night.  Once I set them outside in the moonlight with the intention of being cleansed, cleared and recharged with the energy for the best and highest good of that stone.  I feel that in the morning the stones or pieces of jewelry look rejuvenated.  This is a really a great way to also check in with your intention of that piece. You may have moved through that issue and it is time to look at the piece as a reinforcement to that intention.  Thus recharging it in the moonlight helps to keep it working at it best and highest good for you.

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    • Kelley says...

      Let me know if there is anything that you do to keep your pieces charged to their highest potential.

      March 09, 2012

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